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     By no means is this a comprehensive FAQ and I am sure I will be receiving many other messages regarding other questions. I will add to this list as I receive messages repeatedly. Please check here for your question before asking me. 

 What is a network?

  • A network is a portal of sorts. It helps link together blogs which are related in some form. The idea is that it can help tumblr users find blogs similar to ones they already follow. This only works if the member blogs include links to the network on their blog. It should be such that from one blog, a tumblr user could click a link to the network, click a link to a new log, and click a link to the network again. The idea is that one would never have to type in an actual url. Generally being in a network increases the visibility of the blog and should increase the numbers of visitors to your blog, and hopefully the number of followers.

·         How do I apply to this network?

  • This is the number one question I receive. Let me re-iterate. I DO NOT RUN ALL NETWORKS THAT USE MY THEME. I only run The Jewish Network. I don’t know who runs each of the various networks, but if you click the apply link and it leads to this blog, it’s because the owner hasn’t set up the network completely. I delete these messages and am unlikely to reply to any “applications”. I’m not a mean guy but I’m tired of it.

·         How do you create a network?

  • Starting a network can be hard work, but very rewarding. If you run a successful network, you can expect to receive an increase of followers, many messages about your network, and many requests to join your network. Creating a network runs in several stages. If you decide to run a network, here’s how I would start. First of all, figure out what singular theme you want to incorporate in your network. How do the blogs you want to collect relate? Then, create a new blog (either on a new account or just on your main account), pick one of my themes, and copy and paste the html into the customize html section. From here, you should start by inviting blogs you think would enhance your network to join your network. Make sure you make clear what you would like them to do if they become members of the network (i.e. adding a link to their blog, group promos, exclusive membership to your network, or whatever it is you decide is appropriate). Don’t expect everyone to accept your invitation – some people just aren’t interested in joining networks, and others may have commitments to other networks. You should have a number in mind for how many members you’d like to have on your network. Once about ½-3/4 of the available positions on your network are full, you may consider starting a post for people to reblog to be considered, or putting an application form somewhere. You’d like to create a competitive nature for your network – people like feeling like they’re part of an exclusive group, and creating an exclusive group can build hype and help you gain followers. From here, run your network as you see fit!

·        Why isn’t (insert anything) working?

  • I’m not sure. When I put up these themes, everything apart from ask boxes and same blog pages were working. If you shoot me a message, I’ll find some time to look at it.

·    How do I make a page on the network?

  • Unfortunately Tumblr isn’t very friendly to how I coded these network themes. Because they’re not really tumblogs or whatever, and you don’t use posts, if you create another page on the blog it’ll just show the home page on that page again. A work around for this is creating a new blog (i.e. for thewhiteblognetwork, the about page is a url named aboutthewhiteblognetwork) and erasing all html, and merely typing what you want to appear on the page. You may also use links to pages on your main blog, and for ask boxes, that’s what I would suggest.

·         How do I add a background image onto my network?

  • Two of my network themes have background image support natively. Make sure background image box is checked, and you’ve uploaded an image using tumblr’s dialog. If you want to add a background image to a theme that does not natively support background images, look for the <body> tag in the html. Change the body tag to: <body background=””> and that should do it.

·         Can you design a theme like this?

  • I may be able to create a custom theme for you. Message me with your idea. I am a college student, so I will be (starting now) charging 3 dollars for a custom theme. I will be setting up a paypal soon.

·         Why didn’t you reply to my question?

  • Again, I am a college student. I will be doing my best to reply to messages but I do receive a lot of them. Some messages that I receive a lot, I will add to this FAQ. If you ask me about something in this FAQ, please don’t expect a reply. Send me the same question again if you think I may have missed it. 
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